Unicontrol's COVID-19 Response, Summer Update: Read More

Fall 2020 Update

The increased spread of the Covid 19 virus has created unprecedented concerns and issues for all of us. Every aspect of conducting business has been impacted as we all adapt to protect the health and well-being of our employees, customers and the wider community. We appreciate your support and patience as we at UniControl work to maintain safe and reliable operations in an environment that changes daily.

As an essential business, we have taken many steps to ensure we can continue to keep our doors open, our workforce safe, and our products shipping out to our customers who depend upon us. In our facility, we have provided PPE to our employees, created new cleaning protocols, installed barriers where appropriate, increased spacing of work stations, provided work-at-home assignments wherever possible, and conducted daily health questionnaires and temperature checks for employees returning to the campus. When advisable, we employ professional cleaning services to mitigate any daily and CoVid 19 related contamination. We strenuously comply with all Federal, CDC, state and local guidelines.

The effects of CoVid 19 on our production capabilities include absences, quarantines, necessary precautionary actions, and, at times, component shortages due to our suppliers experiencing the same or worse difficulties. We continue to work with all of our valuable customers and suppliers to maintain effective production levels. Unfortunately, in some areas we have reached a point where certain components are now on allocation from our suppliers and shipments are being delayed as a result. At times, this impacts our ability to maintain a steady, predictable production rate for all of our product lines.

We believe that excellent communication is key to managing these circumstances. We continuously work with our suppliers to monitor and improve their ability to meet our requirements. That said, the short term availability of additional materials inventory is unpredictable at this time and disruptions are inevitable. Therefore, we are renewing our commitment to providing our customers with timely, honest, and realistic information.

We thank you very much for your patience and ask for your continued cooperation and communication regarding all of your concerns and requirements. Please be assured that, as always, we will make every effort to respond to your priorities. We remain confident and optimistic that working together we will overcome the threat of the CoVid 19 virus and emerge with enhanced knowledge and expertise for the future.