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UPAC™ Universal Programmable Automation Controller

The UPAC™ package provides complete facility control, monitoring and communications with the accuracy, speed and advanced capabilities expected in high-end PLC and PC automation products — at a much lower than expected price! UPAC™ integrates boiler plant operations and other facility operations into one platform. The modular approach provides almost unlimited capability. Essential components include a touch screen, control unit and modules for analog and digital I/O.

UPAC™ can control 10 or more devices for applications ranging from boiler combustion control to DA tank and condensate tank control. For example, in a typical parallel positioning application with O2 trim and boiler efficiency monitoring, UPAC™ would control the gas and oil valves, FD damper and FD damper VFD with bypass; FGR, feedwater control valve, draft damper and boiler feedwater pump VFD.