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Technical Training Courses
Hays Cleveland supports the sales and application of its products and systems through educational technical support programs for representatives, distributors, and customers. We are constantly enhancing the content of the training we offer, and encourage representatives and customers to suggest additional topics. Due to the specialized nature of our training sessions, please call the Sales Department at (216) 398-4414 for quotation of tuition and other expenses related to a given session.
Representative Sales Training
Free quarterly sales training sessions are held for Hays Cleveland Representatives and their staffs at our Training Centers. The Sessions are scheduled to run for two or three days, depending on content and expected attendance. Hays Cleveland considers these sessions a vital part of the company’s relationship with its representatives.
Representative Service & Technical Training
These sessions help Hays Cleveland representatives fully understand the application of Hays Cleveland technologies. The training sessions are held twice a year at our Training Centers. Customized sessions can be scheduled upon request, either on location or at our Training Centers. The sessions are scheduled to run for two or three days, depending on content and expected attendance. The topics presented are varied, and can be tailored to the specific needs of the representative. Please call the Sales Department at (216) 398-4414 for scheduling and quotation. All fees can be credited toward the purchase of demonstration equipment.
Customer Training Sessions
These sessions are designed to provide specific skills and knowledge needed for the day to day operation and maintenance of the Hays Cleveland product line. These training sessions are open to all customers as well as the interested public. They are offered on an occasional basis, and the tuition varies with the scope and content of each session. Hays Cleveland publicizes these sessions well in advance, to the representatives and public.
Technical Application Support Help Line
This service provides direct communications (by phone, fax, mail, or email, as required) with our design engineers for the purpose of:
Learning and understanding site specific details of a customer’s application.
Reviewing and understanding site specific control design objectives and problems.
Providing custom design and troubleshooting recommendations to achieve design objectives and solve control problems.