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F-09160-A0 Linear Actuator with Analog Input Circuitry

The Hays Cleveland F-09160-A0 Linear Actuator with Analog Input Circuitry are compact, versatile drives that can be used to position final control elements in either open or closed-loop combustion and process control applications. They accept a 4-20 mA dc or 1-5 V dc control signal to position a final control element such as a damper, control valve, louver, stoker lever, variable speed transmission, or similar device, over a six-inch range of travel. These rugged actuators feature a stepper motor for instantaneous stops and starts (without coasting) in response to switched line voltage input. High starting torque overcomes static friction and overload stalling will not damage the impedance-protected motor. Several standard thrust/stroke time ranges are available, as well as convenient options such as weather-resistant housing, hand wheel, adjustable “safe start” position switch, isolated auxiliary end switch, secondary auxiliary switch for retracted arm position and externally or internally generated feedback position signal. Please see also Hays Cleveland Standard Linkage.