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D-06120 Flue Gas Temperature Meter

The Hays Cleveland D-06120 Flue Gas Temperature Meter provides accurate measurement and display of boiler exit, oven, dryer, or other process temperatures. It has dual alarms and outputs. Typically, the first alarm is set to the temperature at which maintenance should be scheduled for fuel optimization. The second alarm is set to shut down the boiler at the temperature that indicates excessive fouling or mechanical problems. These alarm signals can be sent to a remote audible alarm such as Hays Cleveland L-05500 Audible/Visual Alarm. Meter outputs also provide signals for permanent recording (via the analog signal) or BMS (via the Modbus communications).

Use the D-06120 Flue Gas Temperature Meter with the Hays Cleveland A-10050 Microprocessor-based Oxygen Analyzer Electronics to compute combustion efficiency. In any application, the D-06120 is a fuel-saving tool.