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C-07720-C0 Draft Control System

Firetube or water tube: any boiler plant’s efficiency benefits from draft control and monitoring. It improves heat transfer and combustion efficiency, reduces room heat loss, improves flame stability, reduces pilot light failure and improves flame retention. Hays Cleveland provides the most complete line of quality draft controls in the world: controllers, actuators and regulators, gauges and accessories are available in economical standard packages, along with expert service, advice, and custom engineering when you need it.

C-07720-C0 Solid State Microprocessor Draft Control System provides an immediate, measurable improvement in fuel economy attributable to greater efficiency. This economical system controls draft with burner management system sequencing. The solid state design simplifies routine maintenance and greatly reduces repair. Basic components include an electronic sensor with logic panel to provide floating proportional control, a draft/pressure gauge,an optional flue gas temperature indicator transmitter, and optional low draft or high pressure cutout switch. Modbus communications for interface with SCADA or building management systems is standard.

The operator can field-configure the controller by using the front panel push buttons (enter, increase, decrease, reset) and changing jumper positions on the processor’s printed circuit board. Included draft control logic functions are non-sequencing modulation, and sequencing modulation with one or more of the following features: adjustable start, pre-purge and full open damper post-purge. The bright, two-line, vacuum-fluorescent display shows the control parameters, alarms and sensor values in engineering units. The integral draft sensor is a piezo-resistive, silicone element capable of measuring positive or negative pressure directly. Since draft pressure is displayed on the front of the draft controller, there is no need for a separate mechanical gauge and its associated piping.