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C-07050-B0 UPAC LT™ Boiler Combustion Control System

UPAC LT™ incorporates the power of PAC technology in a pre-engineered boiler combustion control package that provides linkageless parallel positioning with O2 trim. PAC (Programmer Automation Controller) technology provides the most responsive PID control available, exceeding the capability of PLC and multiple loop technology. The system has only four major components: the CPU, an expansion module, 12.1″ touch screen and relays. This keeps maintenance costs low, and troubleshooting is easy! The UPAC LT™ system is easily integrated with any industrial steam or hydronic boiler.

Despite its simplicity, it incorporates Hays Cleveland’s unique fuel/air safety strategies, including fuel/air ratio cross-limiting and deviation-limiting. Alarm outputs are available for annunciators or panel lights for actuator (servomotor) fail, high/low steam pressure and high/low flue gas temperature, and a low O2 alarm. We offer numerous servomotor and actuators, O2 analyzers, transmitters and sensors to match the UPAC LT™ to any boiler capacity.