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C-05820-A0 Boiler Alternator

The C-05820-A0 Boiler Alternator provides alternating sequencing logic to fire boilers automatically in response to load changes. Each boiler continues to operate from its own modulation controls. Remote pressure or temperature switches provide input to the alternator from each boiler. The operator has several sequencing actions to choose from. Boiler status lights are located on the front of the alternator. An optional Auto/Manual switch can be provided for each boiler; the manual position allows the operator to bypass the altenator and use the local boiler limit controls to turn the boilers on or off. With the optional switches in the automatic position, the alternator controls the boilers.

This simple, inexpensive controller is suitable for any 2- or 3-boiler steam or hot water plant. Modbus communication for interfacing with SCADA or other controls is standard.