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BurnerTronic BT300 Modular Burner Control

The BurnerTronic BT300 combines the benefits of an electronic fuel-air ratio control system with up to three motorized actuating devices and an optional modules like an analogue output for speed control of the combustion air fan with an electronic burner control unit. The leakage test, flame monitoring system, power control unit and (optional) CO/O2 controller for control and optimization of an oil or gas-fired forced-draught burner are all integrated.

The BurnerTronic BT300 is suitable for virtually all combustion plants. Safety interlock chains, monitors (e.g. gas and air pressure) and sensors are wired directly to the BurnerTronic BT300. This greatly reduces the cost of additional relays and wiring. The BurnerTronic BT300 was designed to be attached to the burner.

The short wiring paths also save money. As a result, the BT300 is particularly suitable as standard equipment for mono block burners.

The compact design of the BT300 burner control system also has its advantages during commissioning. Standardizing the wiring and the unified operator interface minimizes sources of errors from the start, while intelligent information in the display makes searching for errors much easier.

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