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AC3 Multi-Loop Controller

The AC3 Compact Multi-function Programmable Controller is a
complete multi-loop control system suitable for new installations
or replacement/upgrade of other multi-loop control technologies.
Designed specifically to replace AC-Station controllers, it
provides an economical alternative to any programmable logic
controller and digital control system. It is a particularly valuable
resource when older multiple loop microprocessor-based controllers
must be maintained or replaced. Often, outright replacement
with AC3 is less expensive than maintaining the out of date
technology. In addition, AC3 provides superior control capability
and greatly enhanced performance compared to older units.

AC3 has optional controller and interface features that
enhance suitability to a wide variety of applications. Typical
applications include industrial kilns, autoclaves, steam generators,
cold storage rooms for produce, spray booths, climatic
chambers, chillers, cooling towers, boiler control loops (such
as oxygen trim, pump sequencing, drum level control, DA tank
level control, etc.), economizer monitoring and control, BTU
meters, boiler efficiency computers and general purpose
process applications such as vulcanizers, plating tanks and
oven zone control.

The platform is based on programmable automation controller
(PAC) technology, which is known to provide the most
responsive PID control possible. The programming software
is OpenPCS, the user-friendly IEEE-61131 language suite.