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A-10050-A0 Oxygen Analyzer Electronics

Hays Cleveland’s microprocessor-based oxygen analyzer electronics is used with any of our zirconium oxide O2 probes. It displays and transmits the oxygen signal for control and recording functions. It includes circuitry to maintain the sensing cell at the correct operating temperature and monitors probe life. It accepts flue gas temperature input (if provided) to compute combustion efficiency for the specific fuel and current firing rate. Please select one of the following Hays Cleveland Zirconium Oxide O2 Analyzer Probes for use with the A-10050 Oxygen Analyzer Electronics: A-08562 MINI-O2; A-100018 OXY-MIZER; A-10007 OXYPROBE. In addition, Hays Cleveland D-06120 Flue Gas Temperature Meter can provide the input for combustion efficiency calculation.